Welcome to dannyyounes.com

I have created this website because I have two passions in life, Investing and Software Engineering. Investing I have been educated on how to read the activity of the Smart Money and how to trade in harmony with them. The methodology that I use is called Volume Spread Analysis which was created by TradeGuider. I will write articles about cryptos, stocks, forex and indices. What I give won’t be investment advice but just my opinion.

I am also building a budget app which I will be documenting, going through how I built the app, the technologies that I am using. Hoping to release version 1 of the app in the next 3 months. I will be writing about design patterns that I use, you can comment on better ways to do things, my thoughts on how to tackle a problem and why I have designed it the way I have. I will be writing about each of the features, how I have feature / unit test as well as user interface testing.