Analysis of (CRO)

CRO has been around since November 2021 and it has a all time low of 0.25 USD and an all time high of 0.9889 USD. What you need to do is keep an eye out on areas of ultra-high volume. The first area was on the 17th November 2021. Therte was a wide range bar which closed in the middle of the range. The clue is in the next bar as to the sentiment of the market. The next bar was down which meant there is weakness appearing.

The price continued higher until it reached 0.98 USD. During that up move we saw another ultra-high volume bar at point 2 on the 21st November 2021. Once again a wide range bar closing in the middle of the range. The next bar was also a wide range bar closing in the middle. That’s the hint that the smart money as selling thier holding in the background, while the uninformed investor are seeing higher prices and they are jumping in at those prices, they have the FOMO diesease, Fear Of Missing Out.

As the coin reached 0.98 USD on the 24th November 2021, we saw a VSA principle, Potential Selling (PS), once again we saw a wide range bar closing in the bottom third of the range. The next bar was down which confirmed the selling and price collapsed to 0.36 USD.

Daily Chart (CRO)

There is a third area of ultra-high volume which occured on the 24th December 2021 on its way down to 0.36 USD. As you can see from the price bar it closes on the bottom third of the range which is an indication that there is no intention for higher prices and the biggest clue of this is the No Demand signal three bars later. This was the first test of the high of the range of point 1.

On the chart I have highlighted areas of interest and these are areas where there is ultra-high volume. At point one, I have marked the top of the bar, the high of the range and the low of the range, the bottom of the bar. These are areas where price is attracted to and you can see that price is trading within the range of the wide spread price bar at point 1. Prices are attracted to areas of ultra-high volume.

Then there was testing of the low of the range of point 1, first between 21st January 2022 – 24th January 2022 and the second test on the 24th February 2022. These tests of the lower range is to find out if there are any more sellers in the market. Price will trade below the range to entice traders to sell and it’s the professional investors who are buying at these lows. The volume at that point has also increased.

We also see a a shakeout bar (SO) and the pricing action is intentially done by the smart money to shake out any weak holders. The shakeout was confirmed and price traded towards the first resistance level and came back down for the second test. On the second test we saw a Professional Buying (PB) signal. Once again we saw increased volume. The signal was confirmed and we see price trading towards our first resistance point. (CRO) Price trading within the range.

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