Budget App Development

Welcome to my budget app development project. This project was created as I couldn’t find a budget app that fitted my needs. I am going to document every part of this app so I can share and teach other developers. This project is going to be done in stages.

Stage 1
I will develop the app so that the end user can register and login to the app and maintain their income and expenses so that they can keep a track of their spending. The user will be able to set up bills and remind themselves that they have bills due via notifications. There will be a dashboard page so the user will be able to get a snapshot of all their income vs their expenses and their spend on each category of expenses.

I will also develop a mobile app so I will document the api integration and discuss how to have it adopted on android and apple stores. The mobile app will be a replicate of the web application.

The tech stack that I will be using will be Laravel 9 with inertiajs and vue 3 for the web application. The mobile application will be developed with vue native.

I haven’t finalised the name for the project. I will have it finalised before the first release.

So stay tuned for regular posts on this project.

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